Excimer Laser

The 308-nm Excimer Light Decreases T-Cells and Epidermal Profiliferation

The excimer laser, or topical targeted phototherapy, is recommended for adult and pediatric patients experiencing mild, moderate, or severe psoriasis with less than 10 percent BSA involvement. Patients with photosensitivity disorders should consult with Dr. Grimes in her Los Angeles to determine their candidacy for this treatment.

The dosage recommended depends on the skin type of the individual. It also factors into account their plaque characteristics and thickness.  The subsequent doses will be adjusted depending on the clinical response or side effect of patients to initial applications. Excimer lasers deliver a monochromatic beam of photons that target affected lesions of psoriasis while preventing unaffected skin from being treated.

When exposed to 308-nm excimer light, psoriatic lesions experience a decrease in T-cells as well as epidermal profiliferation. The laser is concentrated primarily on individual lesions of psoriasis and penetrates into deeper skin layers. It only treats involved skin, minimizing the risks of exposing unaffected skin to UV radiation.

Patients can have up to 2-3 does per week until cleared. In most cases, an average of 10-12 treatments are required. To schedule a consultation and learn how the excimer laser can work for you, please call our office and schedule a consultation.

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