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Narrowband UVB Light for Skin Re-Pigmentation

Vitiligo is portrayed as a loss of pigment in patches of the body.  They provide little discomfort but can be distressing to affected patients.  Scientists theorize that vitiligo may be an autoimmune process where the body destroys its own pigment.

Phototherapy (narrowband UVB light) can help re-pigment the skin.  This is considered the most recommended option when vitiligo covers 20 percent or more of the body.  The process is slow, but works from the outer edges inwards.  Each therapy is scheduled twice per week for up to one year or more.

The phototherapy process is considered safe and tolerable for both adult and children patients.  Home UVB phototherapy is safe for long-term use in the following patients: adults, children, pregnant women, and immune-depressed individuals. There is no risk of skin cancer and the units have modern safety features, including a prescription timer, child-proof key-lock, and more.

Vitiligo phototherapy delivers medical grade light to the affected skin using very specific wavelength call narrowband UVB.  The wavelength has been shown to reduce inflammation of the skin and re-color white patches of vitiligo.

Phototherapy is applied using state-of-the-art computers and precise laser systems.  The amount of dosage varies on the individual patient’s case.  For additional information regarding phototherapy application and treatments, please call our office to schedule a consultation.

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