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Repigmentation Therapies for Laser-induced Pigment Loss

With the recent popularity of laser rejuvenation procedures, the Institute has noted an increase in patients who have suffered a loss of pigmentation as a result of laser procedures. Repigmentation therapies for laser-induced pigment loss include: targeted phototherapy, topical  psoralen photochemotherapy and autologous grafting.

Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) is characterized by an acquired increase in skin pigmentation secondary to an inflammatory process. Excess pigment deposition may occur in the epidermis or in both epidermis and dermis. The condition occurs in all racial and ethnic groups; however it has a higher incidence in people with darker complexions. PIH often is secondary to acne vulgaris, atopic dermatitis (eczema) drug reactions and psoriasis. In addition PIH may be a complication of laser procedures such as laser hair removal or resurfacing procedures.

Hyperpigmentation can result in a dull, aged skin appearance for both men and women.  Spots on the skin are diagnosed for treatment recommendations. Treatments can include lasers, microdermabrasions, IPL treatments, and more.  Based in Los Angeles, Dr. Grimes will evaluate your condition and determine the best method of treatment for you.

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